Carly & Elia – Personal Trainers

We’ve watched Carly and Elia build successful careers as personal trainers over the years.

They are a team and we are on hand whenever they need fresh photos to up their promotion.

Here are two dedicated individuals that understand the importance of image, especially in the personal training arena.

We say arena, because it is a competitive field.

Ultimately people have a huge choice when it comes to who they book as their personal trainer.

Standing out from the crowd, showing you value your image is important.

People want to look good, so the fact that you do has never been more crucial.

In an ideal world people would book you just based on your qualifications.

The same way people would rate a restaurant just based on its food.

But we all know one thing, it’s about the complete package.

The décor, service, colours and lighting all affect the rating of the restaurant.

The same way a personal trainer is rated on their brand image, website and appearance.

Carly & Elia have built successful careers and are both in demand because they get it.

If you’re looking to carve out along term career as a personal trainer, build the foundations now by nailing your brand image.

As said by Carly & Elia:

“We love shooting with the team at Studio 1B.  We know for a fact that the photos are going to be all we need and more.  With fair and realistic pricing, there is no reason for not returning every year to take advantage of what the guys do.  Since stepping up our brand image, we’ve definitely seen a rise in bookings which are keeping us nice and busy.  We would strongly recommend Studio 1B for anyone thinking about booking a fitness photo shoot.”

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